Custom Made Swim Plugs

Effective, comfortable, smaller and affordable custom-made hearing protection devices.

Custom Swim Plugs in position. For children (or adults) who suffer from chronic ear-infections caused by water in the ear-canal. Indicated for children with grommets and for anyone who hates getting water in their ears! Made from a hypoallergenic buoyant silicone available in a myriad of colour combinations.

Swimplugs 05
Swimplugs 03
Swimplugs 07
Swimplugs 09
Swimplugs 06
- Children with grommets in the eardrums
- Children or adults with chronic ear infections
- Any-one who hates getting water in their ears
- Manufactured from imported hypo-allergenic silicone
- Floats in water
- Available in a multitude of colours
- Soft and comfortable to wear
- Custom-made from personal impressions
- Provides a much better seal than “universal” protectors
- One set of custom-made swimplugs in the colour of choice
- Protective pouch
- Impression-taking and final fit (Pretoria east)

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