Custom. Comfortable. Effective

There is a wide range of products for every type of situation.

From passive hearing protection to the customisation of in-ear monitors with a generic fit, we can offer a solution for any kind of problem. Our team is expertly prepared to advise you in making the right choice for your situation. We welcome the opportunity to give you professional advice.

Sleep Plugs
& Snore Plugs

Earpieces For
Hands Free Calling

Custom Made
Swim Plugs

Musicians Monitors

Earmoulds For Tv Anchors And Sport Referees

In-ear Active
Shooter Protection

3D Printing

Beltone with tagline

Protec-Ear SA is affiliated with Beltone. We can assist with any such queries regarding hearing aids or hearing related problems.

Our Journey

Our production manager was trained in Germany in specifically custom-made hearing protection techniques, and the manufacturing technical team sports an impressive 20-year experience in the field of hearing!

Protec-Ear SA has progressively grown and boasts an extended infrastructure with agents fitting the products in every province of South Africa. They provide an extended support system for impression taking, marketing, training and fitment.