Our Journey

Our production manager was trained in Germany in specifically custom-made hearing protection techniques, and the manufacturing technical team sports an impressive 20-year experience in the field of hearing!

Protec-Ear SA has progressively grown and boasts an extended infrastructure with agents fitting the products in every province of South Africa. They provide an extended support system for impression taking, marketing, training and fitment.

Major mining houses and industrial companies have successfully fitted their workers with Protec-Ear SA hearing protectors.

Protec-Ear SA has grown from strength to strength since being tested and surpassing the minimum specifications laid down by the SABS for hearing protection in a noisy environment with the full-block custom hearing protection device; as well as receiving their Certificate of Approval from the Department of Labour. Pilots, hunters, musicians, industry and factory workers, motorcyclists, sheet metal and woodworkers, in fact, everyone working or playing in a noisy environment who has been fitted with Protec-Ear SA custom hearing protectors have expressed their extreme satisfaction with the device.

Protec-Ear SA custom hearing protectors can be fitted with a speech filter which allows better speech understanding in a noisy environment, while still filtering out harmful noises.

Protec-Ear SA’s aim is to provide the community with an effective, comfortable, smaller and more affordable custom-made hearing protection device than similar products available on the market today!

Protec-Ear SA custom hearing protectors

Protec ear SA custom hearing protectors

Aspects of the Protec-Ear SA hearing protectors