Earmoulds For Tv Anchors And Sport Referees

Effective, comfortable, smaller and affordable custom-made hearing protection devices.

We manufacture custom earmoulds for TV anchor persons and umpires or referees who need to communicate with others without being subjected to interference from background noise.

We do not supply the 2-way radio communication systems, but we will make a comfortable, hypoallergenic acrylic mould for that system which has excellent retention in the ear as opposed to the generic, uncomfortable and badly fitting rubber earpieces that they are supplied with.

mould with elbow
full block purple


Hearing protection devices decrease the intensity of sound that reaches the eardrum. They come in two forms: earmuffs and earplugs.

Earplugs are small inserts that fit into the outer ear canal. To be effective they must totally block the ear canal with an airtight seal. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit individual ear canals and can be custom made.

Earmuffs fit over the entire outer ear to form a seal so the entire circumference of the ear is blocked, and are held in place by an adjustable head band. Earmuffs will not seal around eyeglasses or long hair, and adjustable head band tension must be sufficient to hold earmuffs firmly against the ears.
It certainly takes a few adjustments – it’s a new lifestyle, but definitely worthwhile in the end. We don’t “feel” hearing loss at a young age (it’s painless!), but as we get older the sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss that can be caused by several factors other than noise (ageing, genetics, ototoxic drugs, viruses) could be reduced or prevented by addressing the noise-induced factors!

Due to the adaptations that need to be made and the fact that some hearing-protectors do not measure up to the persons needs, they choose not to wear them. People feel the costs are too high, they can “do without them”, they “interfere”, etc. Hearing loss is irreversible! Once the nerve is damaged, it never recovers. Having been involved in the hearing field for a considerable time and knowing that prevention is better than cure, Protec-Ear has devoted a lot of their time and energy into developing a hearing protector that is user-friendly, comfortable and affordable and that complies with and surpasses the minimum specifications laid down by the SABS and Department of Labour.
When it comes to hearing, very few people realize the importance of protecting their hearing! Over the years we have seen and treated many people that have been affected by hearing loss. On average, 30% of the population is exposed to high noise levels during work or play, of which one third will suffer from occupational deafness by the time they retire. Before they actually become aware of their hearing loss there is a decrease in work efficiency, they get agitated, frustrated, aggressive, depressed, they feel more isolated from the community and tend to become withdrawn from society. Family conflicts frequently occur and some become paranoid.

Not only does their hearing-loss affect them, but physically and psychologically they struggle to get along with society.

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