Custom earpiece for hands-free cell-phone attachment



Custom earpiece for hands-free cell-phone attachment. Made to fit to any earpiece of a conventional walk-and-talk accessory. Custom made from your ear-impression to fit snugly and comfortably into the ear. Cuts out background noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and stays put in the ear once inserted correctly!










 Silicone earpieces for all types of earphones and hands-free kits

Custom made for the ears as well as the earphone, to ensure a comfortable fit with excellent retention of the earphones



Earphones with small rubber or foam tips are top heavy and tend to dislodge easily from the ears during movement.

Ideal for everyone whose earphones "don't stay in" or hurt from being pushed back in all the time.

Can be worn for longer periods without becoming uncomfortable

Loved by runners, joggers, spinning, cyclists, motorcyclists, gym-goers, students, etc.

Made from hypo-allergenic imported silicone




Customized fit cuts down on background noise and provides more bottom-end, "fuller" sound.

Lower volume settings can be used due to optimized signal-to-noise ratio.